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National Survey Reveals Strong Appetite Among Hispanic Millennials To Snack On Delicious, Fresh Avocado For Health Benefits

04/14/2019 06:00AM | 9771 views

New research released in time for National Nutrition Month tracks the value of healthy snacking among U.S. Hispanic Millennials. In the national study by Aguacates Frescos - Saborea Uno Hoy, nearly all participants (over 90pc ) linked keeping bites between meals nutritious as key to achieving their overall healthy living goals, including reaching weight loss or weight management targets.

In pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, the majority also shared interest in more ways to include good sources of fiber like fresh avocado into their snack routines as well as agreed it would be helpful to enlist supportive friends, family and co-workers as snacking buddies. 

Inspired by these findings and in keeping with this month's national focus on healthy eating, a new collection of sharable, fresh avocado snack recipes under 200 calories is now available at in English and Spanish. Featuring the delicious taste and indulgent creaminess of fresh avocado, many will find these snacks taste more like comfort food than health food.

The survey of Hispanics ages 21-38 found half of participants always or often choose snacks that support their overall healthy living goals. Access to new, tasty avocado snack recipes may help improve that frequency as an overwhelming 86% of Hispanic Millennials polled want more ways to enjoy avocado given news the delicious fruit is also a good source of fiber and offers weight management benefits. Fiber-containing foods like healthy avocados add bulk to a snack, promoting a feeling of fullness with fewer calories.

Snacks with creamy avocados can be a satisfying, even indulgent highlight of a reduced-calorie diet, said Sylvia Melendez-Klinger, registered dietitian and Saborea Uno Hoy paid spokesperson. Everyone gets tempted by unhealthy snacks. To help keep diets on track, I'm supportive of lining up a snacking buddy at home or work and stocking up on nutrient-dense choices like fresh avocados to ensure there are always appetizing, healthy options within reach.

More than one-third of Hispanic Millennials surveyed reported snacking at work. As Hispanics increase their share in the total U.S. labor force,1 there will be a growing opportunity for recipes that can be prepared in advance or that are easy to assemble with potentially limited space. Flavorful, Hispanic-inspired snack concepts like Avocado Chile Lime Snack and Avocado Corn & Nopales Snack Cups are under 200 calories and can be ready to share with a co-worker in under five minutes. Visit for the full collection of tasty snack ideas, from smoothies to mini sopes, all of which can fit into a sensible snack routine.

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