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What I Do

I’m an executive assistant in operations, supporting 5 regional vice presidents in the West Region and 1 vice president of operations at our headquarters. I help them stay organized and coordinate their events and meetings.

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Why I Do It

I love coordinating and scheduling, especially meetings and events. A leader told me: “I couldn’t do the job without you.” It’s such a great feeling to know I can help in that way.

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My Big Career Moment

I was new, and one of my leaders invited me to not just plan his field leader meeting, but also participate in it. I visited hospitals and gained more understanding of what happens in the field. That was a great opportunity.

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The Sky is the Limit: Especially If You Can Handle a Bit of a Challenge

20/09/2022 06:00am | 1174 views

“I’m okay with a little bit of a challenge, it keeps me on my toes.”

That’s a quote from Jessica Saldivas, executive assistant for operations for Banfield Pet Hospital, the leading provider of preventive veterinary care in the United States, with 1,000+ hospitals and nearly 20,000 associates in neighborhoods across the country.

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About the mentor

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Jessica Saldivas

Executive Assistant for Operations
Banfield Pet Hospital

Jessica Saldivas is executive assistant for operations for Banfield Pet Hospital. She supports five regional vice presidents in the West Region and one vice president of Operations. She helps keep them organized and coordinates their events and meetings.

Saldivas joined Banfield in 2016, working her way from reception to the mail room to her current position in operations. Known for pulling off big events in seemingly impossibly short time frames, she specializes in overcoming hurdles under pressure.

Before Banfield, she spent nine years as a market training supervisor. In that role, she prepared people for various positions within the company. She onboarded new hires, trained them to do their jobs, instructed them about safety and security, and taught them the company’s policies and procedures. Each new hire would be with her for about six weeks, so she served as a foundational resource for people, helping them find their way in a new role and a new organization.