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What I Do

I oversee roughly 500 hospitals for Banfield Pet Hospital, as vice president of our western division. I lead people and help them deliver high-quality pet care.

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Why I Do It

I enjoy finding opportunities to make a business stronger, and new ways to support associates so they can do what they do best.

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My Big Career Moment

The best compliment I’ve ever received is when someone tells me I’ve inspired them to think differently or that I’ve given them a different perspective. That’s really motivating.

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From Risk to Reward: Your Interests Might Take You in Surprising Directions

30/08/2022 06:00am | 1407 views

Every day each of us manages risk, whether we know it or not. 

We hide our valuables and lock our car. We choose between spending time fixing our leaky faucet ourselves or spending money on an expert. We reposition the furniture so we stop bumping into the chair at night in the dark.    

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About the mentor

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Michael Silveira

Division Vice President
Banfield Pet Hospital

Michael Silveira is the division vice president of west operations at Banfield Pet Hospital. He oversees the operations of Banfield across the western half of the United States, encompassing roughly 500 hospitals.

He specializes in risk mitigation, loss prevention, operational efficiency and employee wellbeing. He joined Banfield in 2017 as vice president of asset protection, occupational health and wellbeing, and regulatory compliance.