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What I do

I uplift employee voices & mobilize their diverse perspectives to engineer inclusion into our culture and business.

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Why I do it

I get to use my unique voice and creativity to build more equitable, inclusive and talented teams.

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My Big Career Moment

Supporting the development of our new diversity and inclusion initiatives and influencing change has inspired me to be a better ally and leader.

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How to be Agile and Redefine your Role and Impact

15/09/2020 06:00am | 3581 views

Throughout the recruitment process, I am always asked two questions by candidates: to define ‘what makes someone successful in the organization’ and how as a retailer we ‘adapt to a rapidly changing market’. 


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About the mentor

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Eric Ortega

Employee Experience & Communications Manager
Cost Plus World Market

World Market believes an engaged & vibrant employee community is key to a thriving business and an enriching work experience where every individual can make an impact! 

As the Employee Experience & Communications Manager at World Market, Eric brings this employee promise to life through the management of inclusion/diversity programs & corporate communications that empower employees to work with compassion and authenticity.