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What I do

As a client service coordinator for Banfield Pet Hospital, I’m often the first and last person clients see at the hospital. Soon I’ll be a licensed veterinary technician. I’m excited to partner with doctors to help people care for their pets.

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Why I do it

In high school, I volunteered at an animal shelter with animals that were often struggling. After seeing the impact compassionate care can have on a pet’s life and wellbeing, I decided to pursue a career in pet healthcare.

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My Big Career Moment

I speak English, Spanish and American Sign Language, and I love the increased ability this gives me to make connections with clients.

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Two Interests Converge to Create a Unique Specialty

20/09/2019 06:00am | 1305 views

By Kim Perez

In high school, Joana Casillas Lopez followed her instincts to pursue two different interests that today converge to give her a unique combination of skills – a soon-to-be veterinary technician who also knows American Sign Language.

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About the mentor

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Joana Casillas Lopez

Client Services Coordinator
Banfield Pet Hospital

Joana Casillas Lopez joined Banfield Pet Hospital in 2015 and currently serves as a client service coordinator for the nationwide practice’s Chula Vista, California hospital. She is studying at Pima Medical Institute to become a registered veterinary technician, and she also is trained as a veterinary assistant.  

She is fluent in Spanish, English and American Sign Language (ASL), and is committed to working to provide people of all cultures and languages a way to connect with veterinary professionals, so they can better learn how to care for their pets.