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What I do

As senior manager of strategic planning and alignment at Banfield, I help uncover new opportunities and execute projects that impact our associates, pets and clients.

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Why I do it

I love brainstorming and converting ideas into opportunities – especially when those ideas have an impact on pets. That’s a real passion of mine.

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My Big Career Moment

Making the decision to leave a company I co-founded and joining Banfield, where my business and personal interests overlap in our efforts to find better ways to serve Hispanic pet owners.

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About the mentor

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Becky Voorheis

Senior Manager of Strategic Planning and Alignment
Banfield Pet Hospital

As senior manager of strategic planning and alignment, Becky Voorheis helps identify new ways Banfield can impact associates, pets and the people who love them – whether it’s helping to transform something Banfield already does or coming up with new, innovative products and services.

Formerly she was CEO and co-founder of Quickbeam, Inc., which developed pharmacotherapeutics for the treatment of methamphetamine addiction. She joined Banfield in 2017 to help the company with strategic planning. She is also involved in Banfield’s Latinx diversity resource group Unidos, which brings people together to collectively look for ways Banfield can better serve Hispanic clients and associates.

Voorheis earned her Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Duke University and has a background in private equity, specializing in strategic investments and mergers and acquisitions. She’s an expert in helping organizations determine what projects to prioritize.