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My Big Career Moment

When I was promoted to medical director, I realized the potential I had to lead other people. Everything I did from that moment on was with the knowledge I could make a bigger contribution to pet health, to our teams and the future of our profession.

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What I do

I lead a team of 10 medical directors in 10 markets, to ensure that all medical quality initiatives are executed flawlessly at each of their hospitals. I’m also responsible for the engagement of doctors, and for setting up expectations and goals.

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Why I do it

To ensure the continuity and consistency of care to all of our pet patients. And to develop teams that are productive and efficient, setting them up for success to make valuable contributions in the practice of medicine while having fun doing it.

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About the mentor

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Jesus Aramendi

Director of Veterinary Quality
Banfield Pet Hospital

Dr. Jesus Aramendi was born and raised in Venezuela and earned his veterinary degree from the Universidad Francisco de Miranda. His first job was in Miami following an internship there that he completed prior to his last year at university. Working as a vet technician at a small animal practice, he gained valuable on-the-job experience treating pets and learning the business of veterinary medicine.

A few years into his career, Dr. Aramendi took his board certifications to get his license and begin practicing veterinary medicine in the state of Florida. He joined Banfield Pet Hospital in 2008, first working as an associate veterinarian in the Jacksonville, FL, area. He returned to Miami six months into that position, where he became lead doctor managing other associates, medical quality and client service.

After a successful run as chief of staff at another, larger hospital, Dr. Aramendi was promoted in 2013 to medical director managing several hospitals and their respective staffs, a role in which he would have a bigger impact on the quality of medical care by leading people and developing teams to be more productive and efficient.  

In 2016, Dr. Aramendi was promoted again to regional medical director, with 10 markets and 160 hospitals under his direct supervision. He is in charge of assuring that each of these hospitals meets Banfield Pet Hospital standards for doctor engagement and quality of care and service to their pet patients.