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Karla Martinez Opens Up About Health Scare And How She Wants To Raise Awareness

10/24/2015 06:00AM | 8838 views

By Jessica Lucia Roiz |

Following a recent health scare, "Despierta America's" host Karla Martinez talked about her life-changing experience in an exclusive interview with Latin Times.

Karla Martinez has never felt so close to a disease and vulnerable to life following a recent health scareshe experienced. The "Despierta America" host opened up last week on live television regarding a visit to the doctor, where they detected a a small bump on her right breast. A biopsy test and thousands of support and loving messages later, Martinez's test results came out negative. 

Today, the Mexican TV personality wants to talk about the importance of mammograms and life lessons she learned following the mishap.

"I get a mammogram ever year, I'm very conscious. The doctor performed many tests on me, and I thought it was normal," Martinez told Latin Times regarding her experience. "But all of sudden, he said he had to do a biopsy because he found something odd." 

At that moment, the television host called her mom crying, after realizing that it's the first time she's ever been so close to a serious disease

"My mom told me not to worry and not loose my faith," she said. "I was sad for many days and I knew people would notice my change of mood on the show. That's why I decided to tell my story, to raise awareness on the importance of mammograms."

Martinez emphasized that although it's good to check your breasts at home, it's also a good idea to get checked by a doctor. "I always check my breasts, but there's always small bumps that can't be felt. The doctors found mine through an ultrasound," she said. 

Though she feels blessed to have negative test results, the 39 year old confessed that she had a plan b in the case the worst was to happen. "My husband was always positive, but I told him that we had to prepare if anything happened," she said. "Not once did he doubt of my results and his positive mentality helped me out a lot. But yes, you always have to think of a plan b, and I knew I was on time to fight it."

Following her health scare, the former "Control" host said she learned many life lessons.

"I learned to value what really matters in life. This situation affirmed me that my family is the most important thing I have," she said, also adding that she feels blessed with the amount of support, love and prayers she received from people on the Internet.

"I share my story so that women understand the importance of mammograms. So that they don't have to experience the health scare I went through," she said. "As women, it's nice to support each other and learn from our personal stories." 

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