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What I do

I am executive director of procurement and supply chain management. I oversee the team involved in buying anything and everything that City of Hope needs – from major medical equipment to medical supplies to vehicles to software.

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Why I do it

I enjoy bringing together buyers and sellers for the best possible deal, and helping organizations make major acquisitions while making the best possible use of the dollars that are available. It sets the organization up for success.

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My Big Career Moment

Early in my career, I was investigating embezzlement related to purchasing. That’s when I saw how I could help organizations prevent fraud and also get better deals that would help them use their money in the best way possible.

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Bringing People Together for the Best Possible Outcome

23/04/2021 06:00am | 1946 views

Do you ever think about all the different things that have to be in place when you visit your doctor?

The gloves, x-ray machines, thermometers, printers and ink …
The clean offices, safety signs, specialized solutions, and language translators …
The computers, chairs, trash cans and rugs …
The elevators, parking structures, shuttles and fuel …

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About the mentor

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Mario Munoz

Executive Director, Procurement and Supply Chain Management
City of Hope

As executive director of procurement and supply chain management, Mario Munoz oversees the team involved in buying anything and everything that City of Hope needs – from medical equipment to tech hardware and software, from construction materials to food and beverage, from vehicles to consulting expertise across the medical, research and administrative parts of the business.

Munoz is a seasoned healthcare supply chain leader specializing in procurement transformation, stakeholder management and delivering bottom-line savings. He has provided consulting services and expert advice to C-Level leaders at start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. Before joining City of Hope in 2019, he spent 15 years with Anthem, Inc., first as director of strategic sourcing and then moving up to staff vice president. 

He earned his MBA in supply chain and business information systems from Michigan State University’s Eli Broad College of Business, and his bachelor’s degree in accounting from California State University, Long Beach.