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What I do

I am primary adviser to the VP, Workforce Strategies and Chief Diversity Officer, providing strategic advice to senior leadership on diversity management goals and strategies for all business, planning processes and practices at CVS Health.

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Why I do it

Managing diversity is not just “good to do,” but a business tactic that should be integrated into the overall business strategy. I work toward bringing out each person’s uniqueness to help him or her contribute to the organization’s overall success.

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My Big Career Moment

Shortly after completing my MBA program at Babson College. I realized, “Wow, I now have the skill set to tackle complex issues in this very complex company and healthcare industry,” and suddenly things just seemed to make sense and were not as complex.

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Born Leaders: Hitting barriers – and the opportunities behind them – head on

24/05/2016 10:35am | 5340 views

Hispanics and Latinos who mindfully tap one or more of the six elements of an “immigrant mindset” can attract greater opportunities for success. By nature, immigrants see opportunity everywhere; more easily adapt to changing conditions; pursue their passions to uncover endless possibilities; do their jobs as if they owned the business; form strong bonds to treat colleagues and friends as family; and willingly share that success with others to keep the prosperity cycle going. Born Leaders tells their stories.

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About the mentor

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Randy Martinez

Strategic Diversity Management Director
CVS Health

Randy has been with CVS Health for 10 years. He is Director of Strategic Diversity Management where he serves as the primary advisor to the VP, Workforce Strategies and Chief Diversity Officer, and provides strategic advice and counsel to PBM senior leadership on diversity management goals and strategies into all business and planning processes in support of the company’s Prescription Benefits Management business units.

Randy has been a long-time community advocate who holds board seats on various local community organizations, such as the New England Phoenix House, The Providence Children’s Museum, and was appointed by the Governor of Rhode Island to serve as a Commissioner on the Rhode Island Commission on Women.

Randy is fluent in English and Spanish. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English from George Mason University, and received a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Babson College. He is passionate about the work of managing diversity to help put people on a path to better health.