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Thought-Leadership: Amplify Influence

With millions yearly of individuals viewing CHL content daily around the world, CHL helps organizations become the go-to-authority on the most relevant topics for their business, brand, and industry.

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Professional Development: Develop Authentic Leaders

CHL Academy provides original professional development content and learning engagement tools to help corporations become a leading “academy company”.

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Content Licensing: Content is the Currency for Growth

Beyond delivering our industry leading and nationally recognized onsite and online learning and development tools, we also offer content licensing and know-how.

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Top 5 Leadership Predictions That Will Impact Business Evolution In 2016 And Beyond

27/07/2016 06:07pm | 6240 views

Over the past several years, I’ve witnessed the decline of courageous leadership in American enterprise. Rather than welcome change in order to evolve, leaders are playing it safe. Where are the leaders with the strategic focus and wisdom to take a leap of faith and the tenacity to find new ways of doing things?

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About the company

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Center For Hispanic Leadership

Education Management

We provide original professional development content, design, framework, curriculum and learning engagement tools to help corporations become a leading “"academy company" to create competitive advantage in the recruitment, development and leadership advancement of top Hispanic talent.

Why Should a Company Consider Being an Academy Company for Hispanic Talent?

Hispanic cultural values influence the natural ways Hispanic professionals think, act and perform at work. In-culture professional development allows Hispanics to awaken their full potential as employees and leaders – as they become more self-aware and confident about how their cultural values are a powerful source of strength. Historically, cultural stereotypes and misrepresentations in the workplace have forced Hispanics to assimilate to be more like their non-Hispanic colleagues. When they feel that their cultural values are viewed as barriers to their advancement, they lose the immigrant perspective that defines 21st century leadership and their most authentic identity and competitive advantage.

Corporations that embrace Hispanic cultural values and the widespread learnings of the immigrant perspective will attract, develop and advance top Hispanic talent –thus gaining a tremendous competitive advantage domestically and internationally.