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Becky Voorheis

Senior Manager of Strategic Planning and Alignment

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An Expert in Strategy – Investing to Help Companies Succeed

01/02/2020 06:00AM | 2260 views

by Kim Perez

You see these announcements all the time – your favorite brand is introducing a new product or offering a new service. They’re making these decisions because someone has determined: here’s a need, we can meet it, and doing so will help our people and clients.

That’s what Becky Voorheis does for Banfield Pet Hospital. As senior manager of strategic planning and alignment, she helps identify new ways Banfield can impact associates, pets and the people who love them – whether it’s helping to transform something Banfield already does or coming up with new, innovative products and services. 

“My role is to constantly evaluate what we’re doing right, identify opportunities we might have for improvement, and help uncover new areas to potentially expand and invest in,” said Voorheis.

Voorheis got her Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Duke University and has a background in private equity, specializing in strategic investments and mergers and acquisitions. That means she’s an expert in helping organizations determine what projects to prioritize.

Voorheis joined Banfield in 2017 to help the company with strategic planning, and she loves that she gets to be a member of several different project teams. 

“If I were to look for common themes in everything I’ve done, I’m drawn to jack-of-all-trades positions,” said Voorheis. “I like to always be learning and to get in, roll up my sleeves, and help projects or companies be successful, and then move on to the next project.”

Voorheis also loves being involved in Banfield’s Latinx diversity resource group Unidos, which brings people together to collectively look for ways Banfield can better serve Hispanic clients and associates.

Her husband is Ecuadorian and she lived in Ecuador for several years and became fluent in Spanish. They live in the United States now with their children, and they speak Spanish in the home. 

“It matters profoundly to me to make the world a better place for my children, so they can always be in touch with the Ecuadorian side of themselves,” she said. “Unidos is a rare opportunity where personal interests and business interests overlap for me. The fastest growing pet population in the United States today is Hispanic. There’s so much we can do and are doing to reach these pet owners.”

In fact, Banfield launched a pilot program in June offering in-hospital interpretation services at six hospitals in Southern California – with guidance from Unidos. Banfield has since expanded this pilot to the rest of California, as well as Arizona and New Mexico – for a total of 186 hospitals – with plans to offer this service in all their hospitals nationwide next year.

“It’s really fun to go into Unidos meetings with a blank piece of paper and just start from there,” she said. “I love the brainstorming, and that we’re bringing these ideas to life.”

Just like she’s been doing her entire career.

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