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9 Brain Boosters to Prevent Memory Loss

27/09/2018 06:00am | 3986 views

By Stephanie Watson

Everyone has memory blips from time to time -- the word that's on the very tip of your tongue or the house keys that aren't where you swear you left them. As you get older, these kinds of slip-ups may happen more often.

You don't have to resign yourself to memory loss. These simple steps can help keep your brain sharp.

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Tips for Summer Depression

20/08/2018 06:00am | 4576 views

By R. Morgan Griffin

Ah, the joys of summer: The withering heat and school vacations, when your kids give you minute-to-minute updates on their boredom levels. Isn’t summer supposed to be fun and relaxing? If you’ve got summer depression, it isn’t.

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How to Go on Vacation and Stay on Track

10/08/2018 06:00am | 13185 views

By Brunilda Nazario, MD

I love to travel, and I love staying fit – but doing both at the same time can be a challenge. And if you’re new to a healthy lifestyle, it can be especially hard: how are you supposed to enjoy a carefree vacation without ditching your newfound discipline and losing all of the progress you’ve made?  

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Surviving Summer

01/06/2018 06:00am | 5572 views

By Denise Mann

Follow these safety and first-aid tips and avoid calling 911 later.


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ADHD Diets

30/04/2018 06:00am | 5365 views

Can what you eat help attention, focus, or hyperactivity? There's no clear scientific evidence that ADHD is caused by diet or nutritional problems. But certain foods may play at least some role in affecting symptoms in a small group of people, research suggests.

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